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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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for this park. president buell: thank you. >> thank you. >> raul and charlie. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is raul. this is my fifth year in the u.s. it's really interesting how like it's really sad to see even in a country that has almost everything there's no like services for kids or for children. which are the most important -- especially because they're groipping and learning all these things from their environment -- they are growing up and learning all these things from their environment. i got accepted to training -- to the poder organization and it's really like -- it's really hard to get in those organizations. there is a few, there is poder, mission, and they have really
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limited spaces. if the city is not willing to offer spaces for kids, for children, at least make parks where they are able to get in those programs are able to like share their experience or leave -- in open spaces like parks. i feel like a park on 17th street where it's really crowded, is really dense, is a really important place to put a park in that space because it's really crowded and everything. kids, they grew up in a dense area. in school it's not going to be a space where they can -- where they can experience like healthy environment because all these kids are growing up in a
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really stressful environment. and basically what they do is they tend to be more violent. like in other neighborhoods. and a park like this will make the kids feel that they can do things that they can't do at school or can't find or new ways to express themselves. i consider myself an immigrant. it's really important for the immigrant community, the especially the youth that are growing up in these places, they are learning from thistheyd getting these experiences. they are not growing up as healthy as they could be. i've appreciate you for hearing
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my comments. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. it was over 10 years ago that members of the community came to city hall to advocate for a new land-use plan in the neighborhood. one of the crowning achievements of that land use plan was to rezone the and the site into 100% of the space and affordable housing. they did not hand the victory to the city. when we think of planners, we think of institutions, the planning department, harken director. in this project, we brought that expertise from the city, but
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the community stepped up as members themselves. we have organizers that came together to facilitate workshops, organize different educational activities, conduct surveys. and really bringing together the expertise to create a vision for this site. the community has brought their heart and soul into this project and we hope that we can create a genuine partnership with the park and recreation department with long-term public investments to make this project successful. >> anyone else that would like to comment? could you please come forward and the light out by the door? thank you. >> my name is victoria with that neighbor's parks council.
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i am here to support the transfer from the wreck and park department. and i am here to really support the park in general. there was an independent study in 2003 and 2007 data is available on our web site where we really focused on achieving equity and open space throughout the city. it is really in an efficient neighborhood is considering the density and population growth over the last 10 years. it is our belief every resident deserves a access to parks and open space. what we're hearing today is that some of the great community members and organizations are seeing that we need a card. with that comes a great assets of the parks department to have these health and from the
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beginning conception to where it exists in the future and having a love and ownership creating an amazing part that will connect to the mission even further. it is really a critical part of the eastern neighborhoods plan. the transfer of the property is really the critical first step. will be continuing along the way to make sure that the spark has great success in the future. >> i have been living here for almost 10 years, and i will tell you how much i support the park. i see a lot of little kids in the neighborhood, and definitely needs to be more green space. he needs to also help with the over flooding that we have in
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the corner. >> patricia is my name, you have seen me before. i am emission residents. it is the industrial zone, so we have not had the parks in our area before. we did that a number of years ago, we built it and they have not stopped coming. >> i am coming to say a few words in support of this project. when land becomes available, it is not necessarily that it is available.
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as you heard previously, the size fits very well with the focus concept. the rose document has yet to be adapted and if it's very well with the new acquisition policy that will be presented to you where and special needs are defined by less than half an acre within half a mile radius. again, it is important to have a recreation site at that area. the documents for acquisition emphasizes the importance of leveraging. as the policies adapt, it will go right to the head of the list. because of the acquisition recommendations have not been implemented, on this particular item that not appear prior to
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being on the agenda. i hope that in the future, as the policy is adapted, and it will provide an opportunity to facilitate a more meaningful exchange on future acquisitions. >> anyone else that wants to comment on this item? commissioners? >> i think there is no question that this is an underserved area and it is a unique opportunity to add an asset to the department and i want to commend the neighbors and the community for their hot tenacity over the years, and i think you can be very proud of what you're doing and how you're doing it. with that, i will entertain a motion. all those in favor? it is unanimous. [applause]
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>> of like to thank a couple of people that were working on this before my time. for years, they have been shepherding this to the place where i was able to get and work on and harder. and the landscape architects for making this happen. >> we are on item 12. is there anyone that like to make general public comment who did not comment under item 4. general public comment is closed. commissioner's matters? commissioner lee: last month, asked about giving a presentation on the recreation and advisory policy. the recreation advisory committee.
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the recreation the advisory committee counsel. to see if we can get that on the calendar for next month or october. >> is there any public comment on commissioners' matters? new business? any public comment? communications? is there any public comment? we are on the adjournment. >> i want to ask the general manager to make a couple of comments and adjourned and the memory of an important civic contributor. >> i would request that we adjourn today in honor of civil service commissioner who passed
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away this week. he was a friend and an important and well respected member of the city family. he was struck by a hit-and-run vehicle while jogging. he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. he was a fourth generation san franciscan, an attorney, and a very avid runner. i had the pleasure of going on more than a few evening runs with him. i got to work with him and my prior role as human resources director. his mother was a library commissioner and he himself served on the civil service commission for many years. he was truly passionate about public service. his conscientious, fair minded, principal exercise of these told
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him in great respect and affection of many. he probably knew the mets' system better than anybody else. there are memorial services scheduled in washington square monday evening. the feeling is at 5:00. the funeral of the tuesday morning at 10:00. >> i entertain a motion to adjourn in his memory. all in favor? thank you.
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>> good morning. today is august 17, 2011. this is the regular meeting of the building inspection committee. the first item on the agenda is roll call.
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[roll call] commissioner clinch and commissioner romero are excused. we have a quorum. the next item on the agenda is president's announcement. >> good morning those of you in the chambers and welcome to the monthly bic meeting. first off, i want to start off with some categories in which i could -- i would like to commend some of the staff members who were recognized by a guest in the city, a realtor, who had basically sent a letter of appreciation to our director saying that raymond barrios, cheryl aldridge, and others did
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a great job providing all the services and everything that she needed. everything that she had anticipated, and exceeded, for her, those services. next would be my apologies for the lack of timely posting of the bic meeting minutes. it was during the transition in the early part of the summer where we are getting up to speed. we will begin to deliver those in a more timely way in the next few weeks. last but not least, the categories and by which the information on our packet has seemed to have fallen off in being delivered in a timely manner, the material content of
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that should be in our hands early enough so that we can review them in a timely way so that we can properly give it the right attention. that is my opinion and would like for other members of the commission to express that. >> i have been on the commission for over six years now. i remember a time when we had our meetings on monday morning and our agenda packages would come to us on friday, as they do now. the agenda packages were really thick. i spent a lot of time on the weekend just reviewing the package getting ready for the monday morning meeting. i remember at that time the agenda item package was so big,
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we decided we needed to move the meeting from monday to wednesday just so that we have time to review, ask questions, and get some answers based on what we had read over the weekend. i have noticed in this past year, the agenda packages have been getting smaller and smaller. today's package was actually eight pages, and i am kind of surprised. some of the items on the agenda, i would think, we would have some backup information, documents for us commissioners to review. i appreciate that we have got something today, but i would like to see if we could include the friday agenda package. for example, the capss program.
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it is not a new program. the status of the mou with the housing authorities. that should not be new. we should have the mou ready, and it should be in our package. i even asked about the heat complaints filed with dbi, asking for the past two meetings. we finally get it today at the meeting. how about the q-matic? we keep hearing there is progress, but if this is such an important program for the city and our department, and we are trying to implement it and get our customers to go through with it, is there any paperwork, instructions, even something to announce this program to the public? i would like to see some of that. are there brochures telling
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people what to expect? something like that would be helpful to commissioners to review over the weekend and then we can come here on wednesday and debate and discuss this intelligently. that is all i'm asking for. i do not know if my fellow commissioners have any other comments. >> commissioner walker? commissioner walker: thank you. i tend to agree. especially on issues that we routinely have -- i think the capss program we have gotten a lot of back of material. maybe we will get more information about current programs. it is really important, especially -- i could talk about the mou agenda item with the housing authority.
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there have been some real issues. i hope this is just a first step in the valley witting our partnership with the housing authority. but i do think we need to have details -- sorry about that. in order to make advice, decisions about the things before us. so i agree. >> commissioners, any other comments? commissioner clinch: one thing we have been getting, we get a proposed agenda. we have to look at them more closely. if we think there are things missing, i think it is incumbent on the commissioners to let the secretary know if we need more information on the proposed agenda items. there have been cases where we have added and ask for things and we have done it in the final package.
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commissioner hechanova: any other comments? commissioner murphy: yes, i do not know where to start. commissioner walker mentioned the capss program. i think that is moving along pretty nicely with the people that are running with that. i happen to be on the committee -- have not been to meeting place -- lately because of scheduling and stuff. i am happy that some of the commissioners are beginning to wake up to what is going around here. i have been talking about it for two years. nothing happening. there were many promises made to me, projects to be carried out. but when it came to ringing the bell, it did not come out.
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it did not happen. here we are, seven months into our current presidency, and the same old. nothing getting done. q-matic, i believe they got it going this morning or afternoon, just to satisfy me, because i made demands a couple of months ago about getting in going. -- it going. i see it as a waste of time. it is not going to work, especially with the people running it. i had a call a week ago from a stickler -- stakeholder. they are one of the people's writing the checks, the customer. he was waiting in line for
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someone to take his check. there were 25 people behind him. if we cannot coordinate the cashiers, how can we implement this q-matic? it is just horrible. >> commissioner murphy, that item is coming up in the agenda. if we could limit our common to the things that the president raised. commissioner murphy: i believe if we have great people in the department that want to change, that want to help, that want to move the department to the next level, but they are afraid to step up. they have absolutely no support from our director.
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no support. when is all of this going to end? our director is going out on leave for a couple of months. i wish you well with that. but this e-mail that came out last week -- you have held this department hostage for two years. with this e-mail you are sending out, you say that the guy that is going to replace you for two months is handcuffed. he cannot do anything. i am just very disappointed in all of this. very disappointed. i am to the point where i am ready to just get out the door. i am sick of it. that is what i think i will do because there is nothing
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happening around here and it is very disheartening. that is it for me. >> i want to speak in this agreement. i understand commissioner murphy has been frustrated, wanting to have more say in the day to day activities which we were actually precluded from. i think the point here is the more we are informed about the specifics of every project, the better it is, the more it will reflect a good bird the department is doing. -- the good work the department is doing. considering the weight of the bureaucracy, our department is moving forward on a major i.t. reform. maybe we need to have more specifics about it. we are going to be updated in the director's report.
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i think that we have had brought the department through a pretty hard time financially, keeping in the black. we are now looking at a budget that has a positive on and when other departments have to cut. the point of needing more detail in these projects, even if it is frustrating to continue to answer the question from the commission, it behooves us to get as much information in our package at a time as possible to avoid the frustration and actually be able to work together on these major projects. all the projects we have had been working on are coming to fruition. commissioner hechanova: thank you, so let us try to --
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commissioner walker: it is not related to the fact that the more information we get the less frustration there will be. commissioner murphy: just to get back to one thing. the big projects bring the revenue in. what frustrates me is, over the last two years, we have raised these four stakeholders, double permit fees, and they are not getting the service. i am concerned about the stakeholders, home owners, not getting the service they should be. commissioner hechanova: we know you are frustrated. commissioner walker: we have an agenda. >> is there any public comment on item 2.
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seeing none. update on the capss program. >> acting city administrator for the city and county of san francisco. i want to start by thanking the department and commission for all the support that they have given to the capss process and now implementation process that we find ourselves in. i know many of the commissioners have attended meetings and given input on not only the capss, but now as we go into implementing the 17 recommendations with all of their various subparts that bring us new 250 goals as part bring us new 250 goals as part of the capss process.